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Spider Veins Specialist

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Spider veins may cause few or no medical symptoms, but they can be unsightly and embarrassing. If you want to get rid of your spider veins, David Jacobs, MD, DABR, DABVLM, can help. At South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine in Rockville Centre, New York, Dr. Jacobs treats the deeper vein that’s feeding your spider veins, addressing the problem at its source. Dr. Jacobs is a board-certified phlebologist who specializes in treating medical and cosmetic vein disorders. To benefit from his exceptional expertise, call South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine, or book an appointment online today.

Spider Veins Q & A

What are spider veins?

legs on beach

Spider veins usually show up as clusters of thin purple or red veins on the legs or face, although you might find them anywhere on your body.

These surface veins are normally too small to see. However, if they enlarge slightly, they’re more noticeable, creating patterns on your skin that resemble spiderwebs.

You’re more likely to have spider veins if other members of your family have them or if a certain area of your face suffers trauma.

Do I need to worry about spider veins?

Spider veins are primarily a cosmetic issue and don’t indicate a serious circulatory condition. There’s usually a problematic vein nearby that’s feeding the spider vein network, which Dr. Jacobs can repair at the source.

Sometimes, spider veins can be uncomfortable or itchy, and you may get some skin discoloration, but they aren’t normally painful. For many people, the only issue is that their spider veins are unattractive, and patients want clear, unblemished skin.

Whatever your reasons for seeking spider vein treatment, Dr. Jacobs offers fast, efficient solutions to your problem. He can diagnose your condition after examining your skin, but he may also perform an ultrasound scan to see the vein network in greater detail. This helps Dr. Jacobs find the source of your spider veins.

How are spider veins treated?

Dr. Jacobs uses sclerotherapy to treat spider veins. After locating the blood vessel that’s feeding your spider veins, he administers a small, safe injection of fluid that irritates the vein and permanently closes it. The medication, which is called a sclerosant, also flows into the spider veins connected to the feeder vein, permanently sealing them as well.

Dr. Jacobs may use cryo-sclerotherapy, where he directs a stream of hyper-cooled air over the spider veins, numbing your skin, so you feel minimal discomfort during the injection. Cryo-sclerotherapy also constricts the veins, so there’s less bruising and a reduced risk of skin staining.

Sclerotherapy is efficient, quick, has an easy recovery, and offers long-lasting results.

What other spider vein treatments are available?

Dr. Jacobs offers several advanced treatments that address specific types of spider veins. These include:


The cutting-edge VeinGogh device can treat extremely small spider veins that aren’t suitable for sclerotherapy. VeinGogh uses ohmic thermolysis technology, which delivers a burst of radiofrequency energy into the vein and a small part of the surrounding tissue to close the vein permanently.

Oxygen foam sclerotherapy

Oxygen foam sclerotherapy is a safe method of treating larger diameter spider veins. Oxygen is mixed into the sclerosant, which creates a foam that Dr. Jacobs injects into the vein.

To get rid of your troublesome spider veins with minimal fuss, call South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine, or book an appointment online today.