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Technology & Techniques


Industry-Leading Vein Technology

Technology & Techniques

Dr. Jacobs is one of the only doctors in the New York area (and the only one in southern Nassau County) who is Board-Certified in Phlebology. Through his education, fellowships and extensive experience treating venous disease, Dr. Jacobs has developed his practice to offer the gold standard of technology and techniques. We perform continuous research and acquire the latest technology to ensure that all treatments are minimally-invasive, safe, effective, and offer lasting results. Dr. Jacobs performs all procedures himself at our clean, modern state-of-the-art facility.

Types of Technology & Techniques

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)

Our most common varicose vein treatment method – endovenous laser therapy – involves inserting a thin laser fiber directly into the vein. The laser delivers heat to the vein wall which permanently closes it. Endovenous laser therapy is a two-hour procedure completed under local anesthesia. A mild anti-anxiety medication is optionally offered. Recovery is quick, allowing you to return to work the very next day. We use the latest technology – a 1470nm laser which offers decreased bruising and improved vein closure rates.


Sclerotherapy is a versatile vein treatment that can be used for a variety of venous abnormalities such as spider veins and cosmetic vein procedures. In this quick and safe procedure, a substance is injected into a vein to irritate it and cause it to close. We always use tiny needles that allow access to even the smallest of veins. We only use medications which are FDA-approved for treating veins with minimal risk to surrounding structures


In microphlebectomy, a tiny incision measuring about 1mm is made in the skin to provide access to the troublesome veins. Then, enlarged veins are hooked and removed. There is very little pain or scarring associated with microphlebectomy. Many times, it is performed in conjunction with endovenous laser therapy to remove any leftover superficial veins.


Our cutting-edge VeinGogh device allows us to treat extremely small veins that cannot be injected for sclerotherapy. The device uses a technology called Ohmic Thermolysis to deliver a burst of radiofrequency energy into a vein and the small area of tissue around it, permanently closing the vein.


Our VeinLite device enables Dr. Jacobs to clearly see veins underneath the skin without the need for any surgical procedures. This allows us to accurately map your vein networks when determining the best location of venous injections.


Our state-of-the-art ultrasound machine is now tablet-based. With this technology, we are able to map out veins and document the degree of venous disease. The ultrasound machine is also utilized to guide the accurate placement of the laser fiber used during endovenous laser therapy procedures.


This treatment is for larger, twisting, bulging veins that cannot be safely treated with a laser. A foam sclerosant medication is injected into the targeted vein using ultrasound guidance, causing the vein to close.

Oxygen Foam Sclerotherapy

A safer method of creating foam for use in larger diameter spider veins. Oxygen is mixed with the sclerosant medication to create a foam that is injected into the vein. This eliminates the risk of air bubbles in the bloodstream and delivers an excellent cosmetic result!


A stream of hyper-cooled air is directed over the spider veins, numbing the skin for less discomfort on injection. This also has the effect of constricting the veins so that there is less bruising and risk of skin staining.

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