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Painful, swollen, and unsightly veins are a thing of the past with proven medical and cosmetic vein treatments by Dr. Jacobs.

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Find Relief from Your Varicose Veins

If you are suffering from pain, heaviness, restlessness, skin discoloration or unsightly and prominent veins in your legs, Dr. Jacobs can help. Varicose veins can be detected by ultrasound and easily remedied right in our office with safe and effective treatment options.

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Get Rid of Annoying Spider Veins at the Source

These thready red or blue veins may cause discomfort or itching, or may just be a nuisance you don’t want to live with anymore Instead of just treating the visible spider veins, Dr. Jacobs also treats the deeper vein that is feeding them, addressing the problem at the source.

Meet Dr. Jacobs

Dr. David T. Jacobs has dedicated his practice to treating venous disease. As one of very few doctors in the area certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (Phlebology), Dr. Jacobs has extensive training in the use of advanced treatments for varying vein conditions.

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Dr. Jacobs can go over your symptoms and take a look at your troublesome veins to make a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment. Our practice specializes in safe and effective vein treatments with little to no recovery time.

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