Get Rid of Spider Veins Once and for All

spider-veinsThese thready red or blue veins may cause discomfort or itching, or may just be a nuisance you don’t want to live with anymore. Leading Board-Certified Phlebologist Dr. Jacobs can help you get rid of them with a minimally-invasive procedure in our clean, modern state-of-the-art facility.

About Spider Veins

Spider Veins Overview

Spider veins typically appear as clusters of thin red or purple veins in the legs (or anywhere else on the body). Surface veins are usually too small to be seen, but when they enlarge slightly, they become noticeable. There is usually one problematic vein feeding the network of spider veins that Dr. Jacobs can repair right at the source. Factors like genetics and trauma can make it more likely for spider veins to develop. Sometimes, spider veins can be itchy, cause discomfort or be accompanied by discoloring of the skin.

Diagnosis of Spider Veins

Diagnosis of spider veins will likely only require a visual exam. At times, it may be necessary to perform an ultrasound to take a closer look at the vein network. This helps Dr. Jacobs locate the source of the problem.

Spider Vein Treatment

Unlike laser treatments that attempt to repair spider veins externally and only diminish their appearance, Dr. Jacobs uses sclerotherapy to take a more thorough approach and address the problem at the source. After locating the root vein that is feeding the spider vein cluster, a small and safe injection will be made to permanently close it. The injected medication then flows into the connected spider veins, permanently closing them as well. This method is efficient, has a quick and easy recovery, and offers lasting results.

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