Restore Your Confidence with Cosmetic Vein Treatments

Woman looks refreshed after cosmetic vein surgery.Are unsightly or prominent veins affecting your confidence? You don’t have to live with them anymore! Board-Certified in Phlebology, Dr. Jacobs is one of the few doctors in the country to have pursued a specialization in vein health. He has dedicated his practice to developing safe and effective in-office treatments for vein disorders with lasting results and quick recovery times. 

About Cosmetic Vein Treatments

Cosmetic Vein Treatment Overview

Cosmetic vein treatments are available for any vein abnormalities that are cosmetic in nature. Typically, cosmetic vein issues include spider veins, enlarged hand veins, and enlarged breast veins.

  • Spider veins — These red, spindly veins often appear as clusters in the legs or face. The cause for spider veins varies from genetics, to trauma, to other factors, but they are visible because of blood pooling in the veins located near the skin’s surface. Troublesome spider vein networks typically have one problematic vein feeding them, which Dr. Jacobs can fix at the source.
  • Enlarged hand veins — Prominence and bulging in hand veins are often due to age or exercise habits, but we can remedy this with an in-office injection that has excellent results.
  • Enlarged breast veins — As hormone cycles fluctuate, during or after pregnancy, or following any augmentation procedure, breast veins may become more noticeable. These bothersome blue-ish veins visible under your skin can be treated.
  • Facial veins — Prominent veins on the face can often be successfully treated using sclerotherapy or VeinGogh ohmic thermolysis. Only experienced vein specialists should be sought to treat facial veins, as not all of these are safe to treat. Dr. Jacobs will perform an exam to determine if your facial veins are candidates for treatment.

Diagnosis of Vein Disorders

Dr. Jacobs will perform a visual exam to determine the nature of your vein disorder and suggest the best course of cosmetic vein treatment. An ultrasound may be necessary to rule out any underlying vascular issues.

Cosmetic Vein Treatment Options

Cosmetic vein issues are most often resolved with sclerotherapy, which is an injection into problematic veins that collapses them to eliminate their appearance. Recovery time for this method is very short and painless. Dr. Jacobs performs all sclerotherapy procedures in-house at our state-of-the-art medical facility.

To talk to us about available cosmetic vein treatments by Dr. Jacobs, call South Shore Vein today at 516-865-1234.